Catapult Chess Bumper – Sling Puck Game SlingWar

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SlingWar Catapult Chess Bumper
Catapult Chess Bumper – Sling Puck Game SlingWar

Catapult Chess Bumper – SlingWar – Fast-Paced action game for the whole family!

Fast Flying Pucks
Players use the elastic to launch pucks through the gate until there are no more pucks on their side. Players don’t take turns, they just reload and fire as fast as they can. Whoever clears their side of the board first wins.

The first player will stand behind the ball and aim a Sling Puck over his or her head. The second player will stand behind the ball and aim a Sling Puck over his or her back.

After the ball is launched, it is important that the plastic ball stays in the plastic ball without breaking off. Therefore, the players have to count the number of passes they make while throwing the ball into the plastic ball to help them find out how long the plastic ball will stay in the plastic ball. Players can throw up to five passes in one pass but any more than five can cause the ball to break off.

The Punisher Game Variation
The Punisher is a funny variation of play for seasoned players. Every time you fire a puck without it going through the gate, you must take one of your opponent’s pucks and put in on your side while reciting ‘I accept my punishment.



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