Magnetic Canned Food Hangers by Luxenmart™

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Magnetic Canned Food Hangers, Save Space In Your Pantry

Luxenmart™ hangers are cool ‘gadgets’ that allow for magnetic suspension of canned goods (steel/tin cans… not aluminum) to… Save space and help organize your PANTRY!  Luxenmart™ Wire is designed to work with popular shelving from Rubbermaid and Closetmaid, where a space of 1.9-2.1″ exists across multiple wires.

  1.  Can hanger… helps utilize all of your available space.  Most kitchen & pantry shelves are 12-16 inches apart… most cans are only 4-5 inches tall.
  2.  Can Hanger… helps organize to make things easier to find.  If you always place specific cans on your Lofts… you can easily tell how many you have in a glance.
  3.  Can Hanger… because magnetically suspending cans is just plain cool (and everybody loves magnets!)

There are two versions of the Can Hanger, one of which that works inside wooden shelf pantries, and another that works with wired shelving pantries.

  • Each Can Loft contains 4 super strong Neodymium Iron Boron magnets, works great with any steel/tin cans (not aluminum), will make things easier to find in your pantry,

  • Most pantry shelves are around 12-16 inches apart, whereas cans measure just inches tall.

  • This leaves a lot of wasted space on your shelves.

  • Can Hanger does essentially the same thing with canned goods inside your pantry.

  • This gadget lets you hang your cans up on the top, while still allowing you to utilize the space below them either with more cans or just other pantry items.

  • A unique magnetic system that holds bottles on the top of your fridge ceiling to save space

  • Material: plastic + magnet



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Magnetic Canned Food Hanger
Magnetic Canned Food Hangers by Luxenmart™
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