Luxenmart-Pro Laser Rangefinder 600M 900M 1200M 1500M Laser Distance Meter for Golf Sport, Hunting

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Luxenmart-Pro Laser Rangefinder

Our laser rangefinders reach distances over 1300 yards and are built to be lightweight and portable making them convenient to carry around and use at every course even in the rain or fog.

Speed up your gameplay with fast and accurate measurements on the green. No more guessing with yardage markers or a yardage book, know the exact range in yards or meters for every shot. You will now know the exact distance to any hole, flag, tree, target or landmark, whether it’s moving or still. Your target can be as close as 1 meter or as far as 1500 with our top tier option. You can finally shoot with confidence for an amazing price, with the Luxenmart-Pro Laser Rangefinder.

At Luxenmart, improving your gameplay is our TOP priority. We built our laser rangefinder to be incredibly convenient to use, giving you the vital information you need anywhere, from the tee box to the bunkers. Without a doubt, our golf Rangefinder answers practically all your questions on the course.

Our golf rangefinder brings you the same features as a $400+ rangefinder for a fraction of the price making it affordable and accessible for all players to play like the pro’s!


New Innovative Technology of 2019

Design: Ergonomic and compact design for easy handling

Fog Mode: Aim at your target and short press the power button for the value will be displayed

Speed ModeAim at your target, short press the power button, and continuously aim until the object stops moving

Distance Mode: A short press will display a single measurement while a long press will provide you a continuous measurement

Pinseeker Mode: Simply point ‘Point D‘ at the flagpole. It will automatically separate the clutter around the target.

Measurement Selection: Our Rangefinders measure distances as low as 2 yards and as much as 1500 yards and is built to be lightweight and portable.

Stable ReadQuick and stable measurement response regardless of distance or tremble

Zoom: High-quality 6x monocular with multilayer coating for bright, clear images

Viewing: Large ocular for easy viewing even with glasses

Distance SelectionY/M, KM/M: Will display distance as Yards or Meters

Temperature tolerance: 0°C to +50°C/32°F to 122°F

Weather: Water-resistant & Fogproof



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Luxenmart-Pro Laser Rangefinder
Luxenmart-Pro Laser Rangefinder 600M 900M 1200M 1500M Laser Distance Meter for Golf Sport, Hunting
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