Snuggle Buddy

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Ease Loneliness, Fear, and Separation Anxiety!

How It Works

Dogs & puppies are pack animals who are instinctively drawn to their mother and members of their pack. The Snuggle Buddy recreates the intimacy & physical bond between a pack through a real- feel heartbeat emitting through the plush toy. The result is a calmer, and more peaceful helping them feel less lonely, and aids with separation anxiety

Snuggle Buddy

Great crate training tool

Whether they are a brand new member of the family or just going through a tough time. The Snuggle Buddy is designed to provide the utmost comfort through a dog’s natural instincts and help relieve anxiety for your four-legged friend, naturally. When crate training your dog, provide them with a safe plush that will resemble a member from their pack, helping them to never feel alone in the crate ever again!

Snuggle Buddy

Relieves your dog’s stress levels!

If you don’t know it yet, our four-legged friends need to relieve stress just like the rest of us! The Snuggle Buddy helps with that by providing an interactive plush that stimulates a heartbeat into their ecosystem and igniting their pack animal instinct that never goes away. This smart toy will help with loneliness and putting them into a euphoric state for hours!

Snuggle Buddy


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Snuggle Buddy
Snuggle Buddy
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