Periscope Glasses

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Enjoy lying in bed watching a film or reading a book without any neck pain or strains!

If your favorite hobbies include watching TV or reading in bed, then Luxenmart’s amazing TV glasses need to be in your life! Watching the television from a horizontal angle can place a strain on your neck. These 90-degree tv glasses reflect an image directly into your eyes, eliminating the need to prop your head up at an unnatural angle when you want to watch TV or read a book in bed or reclining on the couch.

Periscope eyeglasses

The glasses are on a normal-looking frame, but the difference between these and a normal pair of glasses is the reflective lenses on each eye. The special lenses act like miniature periscopes reflecting the image from the screen or page right into your eye. The lenses can be adjusted so that you can watch TV in comfort from a fully horizontal position, lying on your side or propped up on pillows. This means that you can lie in whatever position is comfortable for you and still get the best view!

Periscope glasses

The Luxenmart’s TV glasses are lightweight and the arms fold up like a pair of glasses or sunglasses so they take up less space on your bedside table.

The TV glasses will make an ideal gift for someone with mobility issues or a person who is confined to a bed or on bed rest. They also are welcomed by people who are just plain lazy or who go to great lengths to ensure their personal comfort.





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Periscope Glasses
Periscope Glasses