Fire Blanket – Fire Stopper Blanket

27.95 $

Fire Blanket - Fire Stopper Blanket
Fire Blanket – Fire Stopper Blanket

27.95 $

“Fire Blanket” for protecting you from the fire!

Fire protection of you, your car, or for getting out from a burning house is possible and accessible now by using the “Fire Blanket”. Moreover, the convenient, compact form allows you to store it anywhere.

But despite its convenient packaging, it can keep temperature up to 500 degrees Celsius. This is exactly what each household must have at the home because one day you will thank the fire blanket for saving life and property. 

Right now is NOT THE MOMENT to have your house on fire…

We are already stressed out about the Corona-Virus situation going on. Staying home is the best thing to do right now, so why risk yours?

Accidents happen to everyone, and we all know it.

Our safety Fire Blanked can stop ANY fire within 2 seconds.

We all know someone who had a bad experience with fire… We hope it won’t happen to us.

Instead of hoping for the best, we should prepare for the worst.

Let me tell you the Story of Mary, my (previous) neighbor.

“I hope this never happens to you… So a while back I found this recipe for pan seared oven cooked filets, and they turned out to be about the best tasting steaks I’ve ever had. The problem is, the recipe told me to get the pan as hot as can be, then sear the steaks in a pan with some butter, about 30 seconds each side…. So I took a regular large stainless steel pan, heated it on high for a bit, then dropped the steaks in there, and about 10 seconds later, it caught on fire. BIG flames. I didn’t have anything to stop the fire, I was panicking so hard!”

What happened with the kitchen you ask? 

why should you use fire blanket



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