Easy Sift Portable

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Replace an entire shelf in your kitchen!

We set out to combine as many pieces of kitchen equipment as we could to 

1) Reduce the bulk of kitchen equipment.
2) Reduce environmental impact from water and waste usage.
3) Conveniently and easily have something that is extremely multi-purpose! 

The Problem

Strainers, Colanders, and sieves are HUGE, take up space on your bench and dishwasher, and for what a little can?

Sometimes you just want to strain what is in your can and get on with your life. Clean up can get a hassle and messy

Beverage shakers can be expensive! Tea strainers can be fiddly.

The Solution

We wanted to create something that would save you time, money, and washing up! 

How many colanders and sieves do you have in your kitchen? If you’re like most of us, the answer is probably more than one. And that’s where the problem starts – with all these colanders and sieves taking up space on the bench, in the dishwasher, and on the kitchen top.
Our clever design means this needn’t happen. Unlike conventional colanders and sieves, ours is a flexible, food-grade, high-temperature material that’s dishwasher safe. And with each of the water-droplet-shaped holes sized to allow the maximum flow of water both into and out of a can, there’s no need to worry about food escaping while you’re cooking or washing up…

Create and craft amazing beverages instantly, great for yourself or for entertaining with others.

The Silicone colander is a really clever invention. It saves you time, money, and energy by making it easy to wash up. The silicone material is food grade, and the water-droplet-shaped holes allow the maximum flow of water to both enter and exit the colander.

Nothing like pure tea or squeezing lemons and making it easy to drop the pips out. Use it as a straining plug in the sink whilst washing up.

  • Use it as a kitchen utensil stand while you cook.
  • Easy Storage & Cleaning
  • Dishwasher safe! 


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Easy Sift Portable
Easy Sift Portable
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