WiFi GPS Live Drone Camera Splash

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The highly sensitive gimbal ensures shake-free footage always, even allows the repositioning of the camera by remote control!

The camera’s external glass lens has a special hydrophobic coating to ensure a clear, dry lens as soon as you take back to the air or when flying in bad weather.
  • 1080P HD camera with 2 axis gimbal
  • More Than 500 METER RANGE: Maintain 100% control on long-distance HD video drone recon
  • All in one remote controller with LCD screen for live video feed
  • Automatically follow me with dual GPS/GLONASS
  • Can be used in fishing(Bearing weight:MAX 1 KG)
Follow Me

Switch to Follow Me mode and the drone will constantly follow and turn towards you as you move, recording you and the scene around you in UltraHD definition.

Tap to Fly

Tap on the map where you want your drone to go and drone will navigate to the destination and hover, awaiting further commands from you.


Finished your mission Tap Return-Home on the app or flick the Return-Home switch on the remote controller, and the drone will adjust its altitude to the pre-programmed safe flight level and fly directly home before landing gently without any input from the pilot.

Smart Cruise

Want to concentrate on filming Switch the Remote Controller into Smart-Cruise mode and you will be able to pan (yaw) and fly the drone with a single joystick, making your flight path smoother and more cinematic.


By linking a mobile phone to the ground station, the control of the RC Drone Auto changes from joystick control.

This enables several smart flight modes, which drastically reduces manual input from the pilot, making flying the RC Drone Auto easy.


Drones may sometimes lose control because they could fly out of range, or if there is radio interference. therefore, we’ve taken some good precautionary measures in the control of the RC Drone Auto, to avoid undesirable things, such as flyaway or a crash. feel completely safe and competent, even if flying over land.



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WiFi GPS Live Drone Camera Splash
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